I knew this song while the Taipei Love Sonata was on in Taiwan, and tonight i saw the MV of this song on good tv(Taiwan' evangelistic TV channel), I was moved again...

(드림온, Young-Mi, 金英美 in Mandarin, whi is a famous opera vocalists in the world)

It's not easy for me to find this file, cuz the "key word" is so common(드림온 is common in Korean too!), even I translate all the infos into Korean...

but anyway, I found this nice song finally, share it with you, my dear friend! :)


 I've just checked on the website of Love Sonata, it will happen again on 25th of this month, cool!
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  • 芃
  • 我也是在GOODTV聽到這首很喜歡.想請問您有沒有中文歌詞?
  • 我沒有中文歌詞耶。

    要翻譯要等一陣子,近來太忙了 :P

    angelmini 於 2008/09/29 19:20 回覆

  • Frank
  • 請問有這首歌的MP3嗎?可以寄給我嗎?
  • 魚兒
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